SQL Automation

Run every job on every SQL server from one central console. Save time and money with smarter automation and make SQL Agent a thing of the past.


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Monitor Job Progress

From simple jobs to multi-step workflows

See the real-time status of every SQL job one in one centralized view. Drill down to discover the performance metrics that matter most.

Monitor Progress
Customize Job Schedules

Customize Job Schedules

Dates, times, triggers, dependencies and more

Automate jobs based on custom calendars that are unique to your business. Apply triggers and dependencies to handle exceptions and keep your entire SQL infrastructure running reliably.


Send Alerts

Your entire team, in the loop

Instantly notify business users, DBAs and support teams when jobs fail (or succeed). Keep everyone in the loop about critical issues in your SQL environment.

Send Alerts

Take control of SQL Agent sprawl.

Automate smarter with JAMS and regain control over your most critical batch processes.

Unlimited job definitions

Unlimited Job Definitions

Load your maintenance jobs, reindex jobs, reporting jobs, SSIS jobs and more.

Automate Jobs on Up to 20 SQL Servers

Bring all your SQL jobs under one roof. Monitor and manage them from one centralized console.

Free SQL agent conversion utility

Free SQL Agent Conversion Utility

Already invested time defining SQL Agent jobs? Import them directly into JAMS with our native conversion utility.

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Start saving time now with a complete SQL scheduling solution.

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